Welcome to HyperDonkey.com's P2Pool node! This server is located in the West US Region of the Microsoft Azure Cloud for high performance and low latency Litecoin mining. For the best results and the highest payouts on the P2Pool decentralized mining network, mine continuously on this node for at least 72 hours (8,640 shares * 30 seconds/share). Please use a legacy [LITECOIN ADDRESS] starting with an "L" only. Active Litecoin miners on this P2Pool node may request FREE Technical Support from HyperDonkey.com.

Audio Alerts are enabled! Smash TV arcade sounds are triggered when a new share or a new block is detected. Right-click on the browser tab to Mute or Unmute audio alerts.

Pool Name: HyperDonkey.com P2Pool • Pool URL: stratum+tcp://p2pool.hyperdonkey.com:9327 • Worker Name: [LITECOIN ADDRESS] • Worker Password: [ANYTHING]

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